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Celtic CSL Open

Standings and Schedule can be found at:

The Glastonbury Celtic Football Club (GCFC) was founded in 1972 under the name Bristol Buffs and started competing in the Connecticut Soccer League (CSL) in 1973.  In 1974 the team name changed to West Hartford United.  As the name change suggests the club had a variety of homes including Bristol and West Hartford before settling permanently at the Irish American Home Society (IAHS) in Glastonbury in 1986.

In 1988 the name changed to Mersey AFC before finally settling on the current club name in 1992.  During its first 20 years the club experienced mixed success winning the CSL Division 2 title three times and the CSSA Cup twice.

The club flagship team continues to the be the CSL open squad which competes in Connecticut's premiere amateur league.  One of the defining moments of the club took place in 2003 when we added the CSL Division 1 title to our honors after competing in the league for over 30 years.

Celtic also took home the CSL playoff championship in 2012 

Giving Back
Its all about the Craic

Irish craic or "crack" is a relatively simple concept.  It is the atmosphere, fun, and overall carrying on of any social gathering.


The Glastonbury Celtic Football Club (GCFC) have great craic.  The club not only focuses on winning games on Sunday mornings but more importantly its a chance for members to spend time together and have a pint.

For home matches team members often stick around and watch the next club game.  Focus is not only on supporting fellow soccer teams but also the Irish American Home Society (IAHS).  The IAHS is integral with the GCFC and its where we hold all our board meetings and award nights.

Club members also get together away from the pitch for Hartford Athletic, Premiere League, and National Team matches.   

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